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Hey y'all! So happy you ended up on my blog! My name is McKenzie Sanders and I'm so excited to share with you who I am through this short blurb and through my posts! I can't wait to get to know you as well, so reach out and contact me!

I started Life and Style by McKenzie Sanders after getting into a bit of a rut about a year after graduating college; not being able to express myself, write, or interact with people as much as I would like to. I graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in 2017 with majors in English Literature and Political Science and a minor in Journalism. After college I started full time fashion modeling, it. was. grueling. and I needed something like this blog to keep me full!  This blog will be my outlet for all things fashion, travel, beauty, friends and family, world occurrences, and everyday life talk! As some of you already know, I now also work a full time job for a wonderful company, NEXUS Luxury Collection in NYC where I work as a member services agent!

Be sure to grab yourself a glass of red wine (or white when the red is gone...I'm not judging haha) and follow this small town country girl turned big city girl (who will always and regularly use the term y'all and drink sweet tea) on this wild ride!

Thanks so much, I am forever grateful for everyone's love and support!

XOXO, McKenzie

Where are you from and where are you living?
I am from Marion, NC! I always have to tell people its near Asheville because not many people know where the little mountain town is! I'm currently living and working in New York City and when I go home to see my family its mostly in southern South Carolina near Charleston because that's where my mom lives now. Roots and wings, I like to say!

When did you start modeling and who are your agencies? 
I started modeling in June of 2015 with my mother agency Directions USA located in Greensboro, NC. Since then, I've signed and worked in NYC with EMG Models, Cape Town, South Africa with Moda Models, and Athens, Greece with Agencia.

How tall are you?
I am 5'9.5!

Fun Facts:

*I competitively danced for 15 years
*I am a Harry Potter FANATIC!
*Abba music is what you'll always catch me dancing to, Mamma Mia is one of my favorite movies!
*Blue is my fav color
*Vanilla > chocolate
*I'm left handed!


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