Sunday, July 1, 2018

True Friends Will Be There For You When Needed


I'm writing this post so inspired right now by the love that has been outpouring from my friends recently. I'll be honest with you guys, I have had a REALLY tough week. I won't get too deep into personal things but every girl reading this knows that feeling of just needing their girlfriends and to have a girls day/night. Whether its something not so pleasant thats brought you together like heartache, being scared about the future, or (just as heartbreaking) your favorite character on a show you are binge watching leaving the show OR, on the brighter end, you got a promotion at work, you're engaged or dating someone new, and/or the "girlfriend, we've been tagging each other in memes for weeks but I haven't seen you, lets catch up!" GIRL TIME IS SERIOUSLY SO SO IMPORTANT! And let me tell you, mine seriously came through this week! On Wednesday, we went to Build-A-Bear, went on quite a bit of a shopping spree, ate at Panda Express (which is where the post title came from- it was written on the inside of a fortune cookie, so freaking perfect), and then purchased ourselves a couple of bottles of wine to top the day off! I needed them and they dropped everything just to be there for me; I could not ask for more amazing people in my life! So in honor of that...I am attaching a list of relatively cheap/ girls night wines after asking for everyones recommendations via my Instagram stories! Be sure to check it out at the bottom of this post for all of your summery fun nights with your besties!

For my outfit, I really just wanted to show off something that you could wear to a cute wine bar on a Saturday night with your girlfriends! I normally drink wine in my PJs while also watching a rom-com buttttt... for those nights you want to get out this look is so cute and super simple! I love a bright top during the summer with an open back (Vestique also sells a fantastic pair of stickies so you can wear tops like this!) and a white skirt always shows off your tan really well and goes with literally anything! Links aren't clickable yet unfortunately but copy and paste them into your browser to shop my look! 

Skirt: Vestique

Shirt: Charlotte Russe found on SALE $9.99 RACK
Not online but similar:

Purse: Coach, Coach 1941 Rogue 25, Color-Oxblood/Black Copper
Rogue 25 in Leopard-
Rogue 25 with Roses-

Earrings: Forever 21

Lipstick: Fenty Beauty, color- PMS/Moody Brown

Shoes: Marc Fisher- last season, similar this season:

Andddd for what everyone has actually been waiting for *drumroll*
This list was compiled by asking all of my followers their favorite everyday or cheap grocery store wines and I've added everything I have received to this list, they are in no specific order, just how they rolled in! Hope you enjoy and try them all!
  • Josh
  • Dark Horse
  • Apothic Red (sent in 3 times)
  • Barefoot Riesling
  • Primal Roots Red Blend
  • Carnivor
  • Panilonco Cabernet Sauvignon (wins for my favorite bottle with the lion on the front)
  • Roots (brand by Target!)
  • Rhiannon
  • 19 Crimes
  • Stella Rosa
  • Decoy
  • New Age 
  • Orbit- Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Gen 5 Merlot
  • Purple Moon Shiraz (exclusive to Trader Joes)
  • Freak Show
  • Seven Daughter Moscato
  • Lucky Duck Malbec
  • Moscata D'Asti
Andddd someone sent in Barefoot Pink Moscato and I can not in good conscious add this wine to this lovely list hahahaha I am sorry y'all I just can't do it! If I've missed one you love, feel free to add a comment! 

Special thanks to my best friends Lydia Orange, Taylor Lunsford, Olivia O'Murphy, McKenna Childress, and Emily Hogan for your inspiration and being the best friends I could ever ask for! 


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