Sunday, July 8, 2018

Summer Fashion Trend: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

When thinking of fashion in the past most are known to embrace the saying, “when in doubt, wear black!” That has never been farther from the reality this summer. In a “rare moment of optimism” says Harpers Bazaar, designers are embracing all the colors of the rainbow- all together- all at once!
*me a bright and colorful person cheering in the background* Because seriously why pick one color when you can have the whole rainbow??? This summer’s fashion trend for 2018 is bright and colorful and downright cheerful! Nothing shows positivity quite like wearing the rainbow and the fact that it has been chosen as the symbol of the LGBTQ movement (and pride month in June killed it) only proves its symbol of love and inclusion in the fashion industry and an outward sign to the world. Needless to say I am buying everything rainbow all summer and hoping it gives everyone a smile!

Its true when you are wearing something bright and colorful you naturally just smile more and y’all I saw this dress at Vestique and immediately started glowing! It is the comfiest, most lightweight, and beautiful summer maxi you could find and will be an instant sell out! It comes down in a deep v in the front and an even deeper one in the back. ALSO MAJOR POINT: IT HAS POCKETS!!! Pair it with some flat sandals and literally any color earring or purse (oh the joy of rainbow) and head out to brunch or a fun event! You will most certainly light up any room you walk into!

Shop my look from the scroll bar below plus a few more rainbow go-to’s for the summer! Heres to hoping this trend never leaves us!



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