Thursday, July 19, 2018

Red, White, and Blue all summer long

Hey guys! I've been a little off on posting trying to figure out the best times to post, when to work on things between modeling, etc. and definitely didn't forget this 4th of July outfit just wanted to see the best way to go about posting it ;)
What I wanted to talk about today was something a little more serious. As I went around celebrating Independence Day a couple of weeks ago now, I was having a great time and enjoying the holiday. Unfortunately, what I heard and saw was anything but cheerful from many people. There were posts and mean sayings from those I follow referring to how much they hated their country and honestly it hurt my heart. Everyone is very much entitled to their own opinion, but I think we are all so very very blessed to be here today and enjoy the freedoms that America offers. Those of you who have been following me for a while know I went abroad for about 6 months last year living among locals and other foreigners. During this time, I really began to appreciate these states so much more. 
When people say they hate America now, I know they mean they hate the politics right now, I completely understand to the fullest extent. Things are scary! We see every day something else that makes us question our loyalty. One day its children being pulled from their parents, another its the threat of war. However, this is victim blaming our country. 
America's history is a complete history of crimes against humanity. Slavery. Racism. Genocidal assaults on Native Americans. Sexism. Homophobia. The list goes on and on. 
But what makes America an envy of the rest of the world is our willingness to try to fix things and make them better (paraphrased from Martin Luther King), encompassing everyone in "We the People."
Things might look very bad right now; in the media, in our politics, and when we look at our leaders; but progress was made in much darker times than today. Progress is made by people who LOVED America enough to fight injustice. 
In America, we still have the power to fight back. We have the power to protest, to demand change, and to vote. These freedoms are always something to love and to never turn your back on.
Lets not lose faith in progress, lets band together to work towards it!

In honor of this longer and slightly political post I wanted to share my 4th outfit with everyone! Its a little after just to show its not just one day we need to be celebrating and doing better by our country. 
The entire outfit is from PacSun (which reposted the photo, eeeek so exciting) with their entire line out right now of red and navy right next to their Tommy Hilfiger line #swoon
xx with love as always! 


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