Thursday, July 19, 2018

Nordstrom Semi-Annual Sale Picks Fall 2018

Hey guys! Wanted to go ahead and post this now because the sale opens up to the public at 2am!!! Woooooo! 

What a week! I have been working non-stop and its seriously one of the biggest times of the year for sales. YIKES! *Cue the exhaustion* Between Prime Day this week on Amazon, the Nordstrom Semi-Annual Sale, and everyone else trying to keep up with them; if you need anything, now is the time to buy! Back to school is coming up ladies and wedding season is about to be in full force again as the weather begins to cool off (wipes sweat from brow and praises God).

I was planning on taking the first Nordstrom Semi- Annual Sale to watch how other bloggers performed with the giveaways, online and in-store shopping, and early access and going full force with the semi-annual sale for spring (since I am only about 3 weeks into blogging) but there is just wayyyy too much great stuff to not at least do a round up of my favorite items!

For those of you new to the sale (like myself) it is like no other semi-annual sale at other stores where all of the clearance items are just reduced further. This happens at Nordstrom as well but they ALSO have all of their new styles on sale! Meaning all of the best 2018 fall jackets and other styles will go back to normal price after the sale and some are knocked down in price over $100 RIGHT NOW! It is crazy and I was so blown away!

Here is a collection of my favorite items and what I consider the best buys!
The sale is open to the public July 20th- August 5th

Xx with love from the girl who is buying her heart out


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