Wednesday, June 27, 2018

New Adventures

So here we are guys! My very first post on my very own blog! Eeek, HOW EXCITING!
What a super fun last little bit it has been! I decided to take the leap of faith and start something new. Everyone that knows me, knows how freakishly in- love I am with my current job of being a model. Though at the end of the day, I still felt I was missing something, missing something I had before in school when I felt I had the power to write, influence people, and talk to people about my passions. I have been talking about starting a blog since last summer and always found some excuse not to ranging anywhere from what if . Not being completely in touch with your passions can really put a damper on your happiness y'all and it definitely did that to me. The best advice I can give you today because I'm here, doing the new thing and looking for happiness for myself, is to make that leap of faith. Do whatever it is that makes you happy and do it without hesitation! Worry or stress of trying something new can never compare to the happiness felt when you make your heart happy with things you love. I hope everyone enjoys following along this adventure with me!

"If happiness is the goal- and it should be, then adventures should be a priority" -Richard Branson

So on to the outfit...
I wanted my first post to be something from Vestique because I've been modeling for them for the past year or so and they really inspired me to start this blog. This little dress I saw and immediately knew I had to have. The bright pink floral pattern is perfect for out and about during the summer, a date, or even brunch. The cinched style makes it hug you in the best places and length is just long enough to be family appropriate but also great to show off a tan on your legs! The tie on the shoulders is absolutely adorable and can be adjustable for whatever length chest/ torso you have. Check out Vestique for this one before it sells out!
The earrings go perfectly with the yellow tone in the dress. I was honestly torn whether to wear it with yellow or purple or white or gold because they are all in this dress in the floral pattern. I went for the yellow because they are so bright and summery and I was shooting at the beach (ahhh my favorite)! All of these tassel earrings I have linked at 3 DOLLARS on SheIn! I got a haul of them the last time I shopped. 
My yellow Guess shoes paired perfectly with the earrings because they were the same color yellow! We all have to have a statement color pair of shoes to jazz up an outfit sometimes :) Unfortunately, I bought my shoes I'm pretty positive at a T.J. Maxx so there isn't a link for them :( I did find some super cute alternatives though! One looks so similar to them from Lucky Brand and the other two are a little different but also in a great fun color and super stylish!
As for my sunnies...anyone else love some EXTRA sunglasses? I sure do! I love my very typical plain Ray-Bans but when I'm wearing such a fun outfit I want to go all out!! I found these pink sunglasses at Antho a few weeks back and they are likely still in stores but not online! THANKFULLY they make multiple other options in the exact same color! Be sure to check out the links!  

Dress: Vestique

Earrings: SheIN

Similar: and 

Sunglasses: Anthropologie (out of stock) 

Shoes: Guess


Special thanks to Lydia Orange Designs for her amazing graphics, my mom for (unwillingly) taking these photos on her beach day, and Katy from Mumu And Macaroons for letting me text her every little question about starting this blog! :)

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